I’ll be living in isolation in the near future because of Covid-19

Father of Five
3 min readSep 9, 2020

My sister works at a school in a town approximately twenty miles from where I live.

Within a week of her school re-opening one of their year groups has been sent home in order to isolate, because of a positive Covid diagnosis within the group.

Her Grandson, in a separate nearby school, is also isolating, as his year group has suffered the same fate.

What for my children?

Three of my children attend a separate school to the two I’ve mentioned.

The school are trying to make everyone as safe as possible, with:

  • staggered start and end times that reduce the numbers of people on site at any one time
  • classroom bubbles where the children spend their time with only children and teachers in their class, throughout lessons, breaks, and lunch
  • one way systems around the school to avoid accidental contact
  • regular hand washing breaks during the day

It’s tough for schools to find a solution to this problem, but they’ve been told to do what they can.

The challenge for me is that I have one child in year 4, one in year 3, and one in reception, which means:

  • Every morning I have to drop two children off and then loiter around the school for twenty minutes until the school are ready for the other child
  • Every afternoon I have to repeat the process, standing around with other parents and children in the same boat
  • My family is mixing with approximately 90 families across the 3 classes of 30 children.

As I write this, the UK Government has announced that there can be no gatherings with greater than six people, yet every day I’m mixing with something in the region of 300 people.

It seems inevitable that someone within my children’s school will test positive over the upcoming weeks.

I’ve then got a 50/50 chance of my children being affected, which in turn means I am affected, my wife is affected, and her elderly parents who live with us are affected.



Father of Five

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