Being a father of five girls definitely does not qualify me as an expert in parenting!

I wrote on post on Medium a while back that has had more of a response than any other I’ve written.

When I talk about response, I’m not talking page views or claps, I’m talking about people adding response comments to the post.

Many of the responses are positive, acknowledging…

I’m 47.

When I was born in the UK in 1973, my life expectancy was a little over 69 years if things continued as they were.

Thankfully, medical care has improved slightly since then, so those clever healthcare people have added a few more years to my life, and now…

I was happily making a roast dinner the other day and Alexa was blasting out 80s tunes in order to keep me entertained, when for some reason my ear picked out a lyric from Jermaine Stewart’s “We don’t have to take our clothes off”.

What sort of a woman would…

Father of Five

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